We are Accredited by – Minnesota Non-Public School Accrediting Association

Philosophy:  Pope John Paul II Catholic School is formed through the consolidated efforts of the area Catholic Churches. Partnering with families and parishes, it shares the responsibility of educating the whole person by developing academic excellence and spiritual growth in a faith-centered community. Our school educates in a multi-aged learning environment. Differentiated instruction is used to meet the needs of our students.

Pope John Paul II Catholic School has a rich tradition of serving immigrant cultures in northeast Minneapolis. We welcome English Language Learners to our school community.

Education at Pope John Paul II Catholic School includes:

  • A Kindergarten – Grade 8 program in a multi-aged learning environment using differentiated instruction to meet the needs of our students
  • An all day Kindergarten and extended day programs to meet the needs of students and their families
  • Christian Behavior Expectations that teach socially appropriate behavior and hold children accountable for their learning and actions
  • The recognition that one of the primary responsibilities of those involved in the school is the religious education of each student

In a multi-aged learning environment you will see:

  • Mixed aged groups
  • Developmentally directed instruction
  • Curriculum planning that is designed around students’ academic needs, interests and abilities, and learning styles
  • A curriculum that meets or exceeds national standards over time
  • Leveled instruction in Reading and Math that provides student of all ability levels a challenging curriculum – from students struggling to learn to those ready for greater challenge